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"Let me tell you about a dream...


...a universe in which nothing matters but the sound of each other's laughter."

~Alison Malee


Yoga for Dancers & Studios

Bloom is a program offered to dance studios, dancers, preteens, and teens that focuses on teaching self-love, awareness of emotions and feeling, and building a healthy connection with your body.

Bloom provides the necessary tools to:


Help navigate our young dance community through the judgmental world of dance


Encourage many amazing humans to believe in exactly who they are and see their worth 


Provide a community where they can share their journeys and discoveries

In the dance world, so much attention is placed on the body’s appearance, shape, and physical capabilities. This often leads to eating disorders, self-conscious thoughts, and other mental disorders. Learning to appreciate what the body can do and what it can give you is vital in creating a healthy self-image. Finding that connection to your body can change a dancer's world in the most positive of ways.


To bring Bloom to your dance studio use the email below.

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