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Awaken Your Motivation

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Gina Mandella practices morning yoga on the beach - Vasisthasana - side plank variation
"The only person you are destined to beome is the person you decide to be" ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

You! Yes you are in control of where you end up, and only you have the power to create the way your life flows; a powerful sudden surge, continuous sets of shape shifting ways, a steady stream, or simply floating in the murky pond. We create the life we want with our THOUGHTS, and then with our ACTIONS. I've realized this more than ever lately. A successful life is created by believing in your capabilities, not giving up, and then pushing yourself into the white water as you refuse to drown. all begins and ends in the mind. There is nothing in this world that can hold you back as much as your own thoughts. We hold the POWER within ourselves to make our dreams come true. The past few years my dharma has shined brightly upon me. I've realized that sharing my experiences to heal others is a passion worth exploring. I've lived an eventful life thus far, and I believe the universe has sent me many experiences only to make me stronger, and then to share them within something bigger than myself. I recently ditched my previous beliefs that people wouldn't be interested in listening, or even think my stories were worth telling. Truth is my life is memoir worthy. It is so very worthy. The experiences, lessons, and secrets I have kept in my heart for safe keeping absolutely should be shared. The lessons my life has been blessed with may make me cringe at times, but I've learned to skip the regret and to be grateful for each and every one; for they have brought me to the here and now. Which is a sweet place to be. And...I would bet there are still many more stories worth telling ahead of me; as our lives are masterpiece works in progress. I've chosen to be a teacher of movement, connection, self-love, and peace because of the immense healing powers held within these therapeutic practices. If the healing I share through my dance choreography, yoga flows, and meditative themes within my yoga classes touch even one soul or change one life for the better than it's worth it. I trained my mind to flip the switch, to get out of my head, to leave fear in the dust, and put myself out there regardless of any negative opinions that may come my way. To share mistakes, misfortunes, triumphs, experiences, and moments of glory because they have the power to evoke growth in others; and to push fear, self doubt and pre-existing negative beliefs that I'm not worthy of sharing, teaching, or healing far far away. For they are just beliefs, and I was just fearful I wasn't good enough; and fear is just a word, A THOUGHT, and nothing more. I decided to stop waiting for something better to be handed to me because I thought I couldn't make it happen on my own, and I decided I would develop my passion any way I could. I JUST DECIDED. AND YOU CAN TOO! I decided to be motivated and to work harder every day. I stopped waiting for someone else to save me from my fears, and I decided I would choose what thoughts I believed in. Life is right now, and it will always be right now, and waiting becomes a habit. So I Stopped!

Do you let "made up" beliefs run the show? I'm guessing most of us do. Did someone put a negative belief regarding your capabilities in your mind, most likely when you were young, and did you run with it? I did. Someone, actually a few people, made me feel unworthy when I was a child. I took that feeling and I turned it into a belief that I wasn't good enough. Then I marinated in it for years. Did something similar happen to you? Or maybe it's happened recently. Do you hold onto negative beliefs that you're not good enough? Maybe one of your siblings was praised for good grades, so you felt dumb. Maybe a coach told you someone played better than you, so you quit. Maybe a television star or a picture of a model made you feel that your appearance would defined you. A dance teacher once told me I would be a better dancer if I lost a few pounds, and instant body shame set in...along with insecurities galore. Did someone make you feel limited or flawed? And is it a belief you allowed to stay in your mind? Years of social conditioning can create fear and self-doubt out of thin air. Those fears and self-doubts make us blind to our own amazing capabilities, bruise our self-esteem, crush our self-confidence, and leave us waiting and looking for something better to come save us. What if everything you need to be successful is within you? BECAUSE IT IS! What if you simply believe you are capable. If you let yourself believe you WERE NOT worthy once before, well than you can choose to believe YOU ARE most certainly capable right now? You hold that power to decide. Decide your passions are worth the effort. Choose to follow what brings you to life. Live with purpose and curiosity because you can! The only thing holding you back is fear, and an unsettled lack of motivation held within your ego that can easily morph into inner strength.

We completely control the flow of our lives, our motivation, and where we eventually land. We can increase our motivation by changing and noticing how our minds create fear and doubt. Our confidence always lives inside us. It does not run away or desert us...but with enough lies and negative beliefs you can most definitely silence it. Do you ever stop to listen to your lies within? The ones that tell you that you're not strong enough, good enough, or that others won't understand you...or worse like you. The trick is to notice when this happens, and to listen to yourself. The loud inner critic within. Listen to the negative opinions trying to take over. Notice the difference between the lies and the beautiful truths in your head. It is there you will find your motivation, strength, and confidence. Our minds are quite powerful, but you can better understand your own unique make up by being present, listening to yourself, and being honest with yourself. Then give yourself the go ahead to make your dreams come true. AND KEEP TRUSTING THE PROCESS. Stop waiting for miracles, make changes today that will create miracles tomorrow. Don't wait for life to be perfect or for better days to come. Awaken your motivation by ditching the fear you create in your mind. Work with what you have now, and work your ass off. Good things come to those that believe in their greatness, work hard, and never give up. Find your strength from within. Be your own hero. You are so much more capable than you think. Remember fear is just a word, an idea put in our heads, a state of mind, a choice...nothing more. Take time to notice your strengths and the passions you are curious about developing, and DECIDE to pursue them. Notice when you withdraw into fear. Pull yourself out and give yourself permission to charge forward with strength. Allow yourself to be great...BECAUSE YOU ARE!! Everything you need to develop your passion is within you: strength, determination, and motivation. Tell yourself this is the beginning of anything you want. Follow what brings you to life. Hold onto the ideas that may seem out of reach, intangible, elusive and impossible. Miracles often rise out of these ideas, and determination can fuel your miracles.

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