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Get Ready...Get Set Your Intention

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world” ~Buddha

When I first began practicing yoga, I found intention setting to be the most profound aspect within the actual class offering. I would resonate with instructors that brought the dharma into their classes. It is, without a doubt, what kept me coming back to yoga class. I had never listened to myself, and my body, so closely. I began understanding why I reacted and responded in certain ways by simply holding thought on a purpose. More importantly, with that understanding, I began shifting my thoughts to become a better version of myself. It felt freaking great to understand who I was and for everything to finally make sense. When I began teaching yoga, I found bringing an intention or theme into my yoga flows generated great healing for my students. Today, it is ever so rare that I teach a class without intention. Yoga class is amazing, of course you know I highly recommend it, but guess what? You can bring intention into your life without being in a yoga class. Incorporating mindful intentions into everyday living is the starting point of fulfilling your dreams and needs as a happy human soul. When we set intentions, we are asking ourselves what we are needing to feel happiness, we are listening to our hearts, and we are becoming fully aware of negative thoughts that may be holding us back. An Intention is a conscious idea, a powerful purpose, a softening virtue, a quality of life, and a positive thought you cultivate into your day, meditation, or yoga practice. It is a mindful theme or mantra you can use as an anchor when life gets a little chaotic, stressful, or overwhelming. When your thoughts have veered towards a negative direction, or when you feel like you’re going to lose your marbles, having an intention to back you up can change your outlook. The way we train our mind, and the thoughts we choose to keep coming back to have a huge impact on how we feel on a day to day basis and throughout our overall life. It’s living with purpose and it leads to discovering and peace. So, let’s do an experiment? Are you with me? 30 days of intentions! I have put together 30 intentions for you to incorporate into the next 30 days.

Here’s how it works:

1~ Choose a starting date.

2~ Print this list out.

3~ Choose one intention for each day by sitting in quiet stillness each morning and asking yourself what you are truly needing.

4~ Once you’ve chosen your intention for that day, sit in that stillness for a few more minutes while you bring awareness into the intention. Maybe even try contemplating the intention during a morning meditation or yoga sess. Contemplation is the idea that you work on only allowing thoughts that revolve around your intention into your thought stream.

5~ Show up with your intention by your side throughout the day, let it remind you of what you want to manifest into the world, and watch as your intentions grow and flourish throughout the coming days.

6~ Lastly…try journaling the experience each night. Watch how a feeling of peace begins to blanket your heart. These little thoughts are powerful, grounding, deeply effective and can change your attitude and choices for the better.

30 days of intentions

1~ Just breathe. Try slowing your breath down throughout the day. Breath is life. Breath is peace. Remind yourself to flow with your breath. Especially when faced with challenge.

2~ Have Patience. Patience with yourself and others. Practicing this virtue is a favorite of mine.

3~ Be grateful. What are you grateful for? Begin by choosing one person or thing. Throughout your day see your world with grateful eyes. Appreciate everything.

4~ Let go…are you hanging onto something that’s holding you back? A negative thought or experience? Conversation? Bad relationship? Choose to let it go. Do not allow your mind to go there.

5~ Self-love day. Recognize your amazing self. Choose a quality you love about yourself. Come back to it when you notice you’re beating yourself up with thoughts. Spend some time making yourself feel good.

6~ Spread kindness. Be compassionate and open your heart. No explanation necessary.

7~ Be generous. With thoughts, your smile, your time, kind text messages, and maybe even buy a stranger a coffee or donate to a special charity.

8~ Listen to the voice within. Simply be aware of your thoughts. Tune into yourself. Hear your thoughts fully.

9~ Find comfort in the comfortable. When you feel uneasiness set in, search for a positive light. Don’t run from the uncomfortable. Instead ask yourself how you can grow from it.

10~ Begin again. Start over. Each minute, hour, or day we are given the opportunity to start fresh and have a do over. Allow yourself to begin again no matter how many times.

11~ Ditch fear. Do something courageous that you’re scared of.

12~ Honor truth. Do not allow yourself to be dishonest about the very own thoughts you speak to yourself or what you say to others. It is so freeing living without guilt.

13~ Be present. Be here now and stay here. Don’t go backwards or forwards in the past or future. Enjoy the moment you are in now.

14~ Go with the flow. We don’t have to plan every day.

15~ Positive words and vibes only all day long. Can all your thoughts be positive. No complaining allowed. Send consistent smiles to everyone you see.

16~ Slow down. Pause. Move a little slower. Notice more beauty in everything that surrounds you.

17~ Abandon perfection. Stop thinking you need to be perfect.

18~ No Judgment. Judge nothing. Especially not your own self and others. No labels. No stereotypes. Nothing is neither good nor bad. See everything with new eyes.

19~ Notice the power of the mind. You’re in control. Don’t let it trick you. What you think you become. Notice how your ego tries to fight you into less control over the self.

20~ Play. Have fun with life. Be playful. Life is a game. Allow

yourself to enjoy the ride.

21~ Keep your eyes still. Wandering eyes equals a wandering mind. Try to stay focused by holding stillness in the eyes. Focus the eyes on what is in front of you each moment.

22~ Feel all the feels…don’t push them away. Feelings are tough. Allow them to stay until they teach you what you need to know.

23~ Allow yourself to rest. Rest days are important to your happiness.

24~ Don’t take anything personal. Everyone is in

a different experience. We never truly know what someone else is internally going through.

25~ Appreciate your body. Accept your body. Claim your body. Be in your body. Love your body for everything it gives you and does for you.

26~ Be you…in your natural state and abandon the idea you need to be more like someone else.

27~ Follow your heart. Listen to your intuition. Trust your gut.

28~ Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Stay strong. Stand back up if you fall.

29~ Don’t look back. Keep moving forward. No regrets.

30~ No expectations. Don’t expect anything. Allow the universe to bring you what you truly deserve.

I would love to hear about your experience with these intentions. Feel free to comment, or even drop me an email!

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