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Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Yoga teacher Gina Mandella in posture reverse namaste mudra reflects on how yoga changed her life

Yoga came into my life after loss awakened my heart....

I knew there was a deeper purpose for life, and my soul craved something more meaningful. I was recovering from addiction, an eating disorder, and depression—recovery gave me a newfound strength. I searched for more holistic healing tools to expose myself to, and I thrived to be more enlightened. “The practice” changed my life; I discovered happiness, relied on my connection within, and discovered I had the power to create my own joy through the connection of breath, body, and mind. With this awareness, we have the ability to understand our thoughts and feelings, and to know the difference. When we understand our strengths and weaknesses, we become okay with exactly who we are and where we are. This magic translates off the mat, and we practice living purposefully and with love in our hearts. I believe my purpose is to share yoga and to help the world heal with all of its beautiful powers. I hope to create an atmosphere where students can heal, find peace, and/or motivate themselves into success and happiness.

Love, Gina

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