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Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Shhhh…I have a secret. A yoga teacher of mine once told me to never speak of yoga as magic. Most likely because the word is, to most, unbelievable, questionable, unlikely, possibly even ridiculous…but yoga IS magic…it is a seemingly magical process of transforming, creating, and manifesting the life you desire through connected awareness. It is magic and beautiful alchemy in its finest. Now we don’t necessarily use supernatural forces to create a yoga practice, but through awareness we see limitless capabilities at our fingertips. Limitless miracles that can arise through human transformation. Yoga works, and here’s how…

Could poses (asana) actually transform us into better, emotionally stronger, humans? Yes. Absolutely. Through the poses, and the flow we create on our mat, we align our bodies to align our minds. We watch how our minds react when we notice we are capable of aligning body parts properly in a pose. Do our egos take over? Do we push ourselves off balance greedily trying to go deeper? Even more fascinating is noticing what happens to the mind when our bodies are incapable of properly aligning in a fuller variation of a pose. How do we talk to ourselves? Do we judge ourselves? Do we speak negatively to ourselves? Do we judge the person next to us or do we try to compete? We watch our mind, and we watch our thoughts. In class, the yoga teacher consistently reminds us to stay present. To accept where we are in this moment. Can we though? Can we stay present as we stir our own pots in challenging poses? Or do we allow our chaotic minds and egos to run the show? The beauty of it all is noticing how our minds speak to our souls. As we build our yoga practice, we become more aware; and we then transform and shift our minds. We consistently notice our thought patterns to become better at being honest, compassionate, loving, and kind; in a nut shell, we become better at being... well...HUMAN.

There is magic in breath. There is magic in life. The idea that we exist is the most interesting form of magic I can imagine. We practice the art of breathing in yoga. Noticing when we forget, and why we forgot. Even more importantly reminding ourselves that we can always return to our magical breath. We can always begin breathing again. No matter how many times we forget. It’s still waiting for us to return. We realize that often we take breath for granted. We realize that breathing keeps us calm. We recognize that breathing enables us to respond with kindness and patience rather than with irritation; an emotion we tend to regret. The practice of breathing slows us down and allows us to appreciate all the beauty surrounding us in life. Breathing is magical energy. Breathing is life. We practice life.

Through a consistent yoga practice, we build a deep inner connection to our soul. The inner being surrounded by the skin. The truest form of self. The mind, body, connection is created, and transformation can be manifested. Shifting of thought occurs. The purpose of existence is discovered. We see the skin or the shell we live in isn’t what determines our worth. We see our existence is beyond just personal success. We see we’re all the same, and we are all just trying to be happy in a super chaotic world. Alchemy is transpired, as we finally allow ourselves to be…well ourselves. The magic begins by building the connection through the body, breath, and mind. Yoga teaches us to open our minds, to see truth, and to live truth. Wouldn’t it be magical if the entire world and all beings could live without judgment and in complete happiness? With love, peace, and contentment. Isn’t that the meaning of life? To be happy? To exist without expecting or desiring something more. To be content with who you are, where you are, what you have. To believe that everything you need to be happy is within you, and not in a store, mall, or factory. And then…to unexpectedly be touched with blessing after blessing only because you worked hard, put out truth and goodness, and didn’t expect good things to “magically” (eye roll) appear or be handed to you out of greed. Unexpectedly is the best way. It feels the best. It is gracious and loving. It’s fascinating, miraculous, and magnificent. It’s true magical happiness. Practicing Yoga gives us tools to live a happy fulfilled life in the present moment. To be connected to the being within.

So much can be said about what magic is or isn’t. Could we all have unexplained powers, but just haven’t tapped into them because of a lack of conscious awareness. Maybe the powers are unrecognizable because the belief isn’t there, and most people’s minds haven’t been opened to fact that we are extremely powerful and intuitive beings. Could awareness and mindfully living in the present moment play a part in intuitive hits? I think so. Awareness undoubtedly makes you more receptive to synchronistic moments, signals and signs. Life can also be magic when we trust the process. When we trust ourselves and the process of the universal law, karma. Believing, believing, and believing that we are capable of everything and anything if we open and set our hearts and minds. Willing the life we want by our thoughts and actions, or worse, the life we don’t want……funny story…I’ve done both. Similar actions or thoughts produce similar results. Is it possible one thing can affect another, if even at a distance, or as a consequence of a sympathetic connection between them. That is karma, and it’s freakin magical.

I’ve learned, first hand, just how magically transforming and awakening the practice of yoga is. Yoga teaches us awareness, how to appreciate and utilize our breath, and it shows us how connecting to our physical body allows a deep understanding of the self. Yoga teaches us how to listen to our inner voice, how to feel and live life fully, and how to open our minds and hearts to intuition. We learn what happens off the mat…beyond the asana practice, is THE majestic universal law of karma. Your thoughts and actions make your world. Yoga opens our eyes to the fascinating idea that we have the power to transform our thoughts and actions into anything we desire…with limitless capabilities at arm’s reach. NOW I BELIEVE THAT IS MAGIC.

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Yoga teacher Gina Mandella practicing hanumanasana - monkey pose

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