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"Life's path is about empathy. Compassion. Helping. Genuine joy. Feeling everything—blocking nothing. Living with a sense of celebration. Finding a way to do what we love, making money doing so, and being of benefit




It's simple. It's hard." 
~Waylon Lewis

Private Yoga

Corporate Yoga

The Em-Path

a workshop to empower your empath soul

Empaths are highly sensitive, intuitive people. They have very fine-tuned senses, making them able to read and feel situations clearly. An empath's compassionate heart allows them to absorb other people's emotional energy. While this is a beautiful gift to have, it can also be isolating and confusing. Empaths often feel misunderstood and emotionally vulnerable. This can lead to anxiety, depression, and emotion blocking. In this two-hour workshop, you will learn tools to cherish and practice your gift with passion. 

You will become the empowered empath.

In the first hour, we will discuss what it truly means to be an empath and explore ways to navigate through the confusion and chaos of emotional absorption. The last hour will provide an opportunity for you to engage in a whimsical all-levels yoga flow that will help you evolve and understand your gift. Please bring your yoga mat and journal. 

Coming Soon

"You cannot do yoga. Yoga is a natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises. Which may reveal to you where you are resisting in your natural state."

~Sharon Gannon

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